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If you enjoy sharing your knowledge, and experiences, or simply taking notes of personal events as an eternal diary, you should think about building a personal blog.

Building a personal blog professionally is difficult on any platform. You should not think of using open source code platforms like WordPress or Blogger because they are not as simple and professional as you think.

Understanding this, on the occasion of launching Eraweb 3, we provide an entirely personal blog building service valued 2.990.000 VND for free.


  1. The blog represents you personally. You will work directly with us to complete your personal blog (For instance, you cannot have this service for free if you are an employee building a personal blog for your boss)
  2. You already had an idea for your blog. For instance, you want to build a blog to share your knowledge on the topic of finance, travel, parenting, etc.
  3. You have your content posted constantly with an average of 4 posts per month.

Sharing profit

When your blog starts to get more viewers or better rankings, you have the ability to make money out of your blog. There are 2 scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: You want to manage the blog and the income from your blog by yourself by all the business activities derived from the blog, you agree to pay us a maintenance fee of the Basic package: 1.990.000 VND per year.
  • Scenario 2: We will invite you to join our Personal Blog Network (PBN) and provide you opportunities to make money from business activities including Advertising, Backlink, Guest Post, etc. If you cooperate with us, you agree to share the profit with the ratio that we propose & negotiate afterward, usually 50:50.

To receive the personal blog service for free, please fill your information in this form here or below:


If you have any questions, please contact us via email partner@eraweb.io

Thank you! We wish you be successful!

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