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Welcome to Eraweb!

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The Website & Landing Page Builder Platform


Eraweb provides a complete website solution for

Suitable for building bio pages, landing pages, personal blogs, website for products, services, and branding introduction for corporates.
Suitable for building websites for products, services or professional personal and corporate e-commerce
Suitable for building websites for recruitment, for candidates to apply online, and for corporates to manage the recruiting process by online system.

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9 outstanding advantages of Eraweb

Easy management

The system's displays are modern and friendly to help you easily interact on different modules which are customized based on specific demands.

Flexible display

You can adjust your displays, layouts, fonts, colors and images. You can actively add in or remove sections, containers, blocks, add-ons to optimize your website.

Optimal conversion rate

We assure that Eraweb can provide a better conversion rate for your website than other traditional websites and platforms.

Fast loading speed

The system's efficiency on all devices and monitors is optimized well. We use the CDN technology to increase website loading speed for our local users.

Secure confidentiality

The system has several levels of security with sensitive data being encrypted. Your data will always be independent and safely back-up on AWS infrastructure.

Free hosting

We provide high-quality hosting from a strong, stable and expandable AWS configuration for free. You do not need to buy hosting from anywhere else.

Optimal fees

We assure to have the best and most transparent price policy in the market based on the real demand. There is no additional fee. The effectiveness is worth your investment.

Ready to expand and upgrade

You absolutely can expand and develop the functions upon your demands. We integrate API with other developers to provide the best efficiency for our customers. Upgrade anytime.

Enthusiastic support

Support 24/7 by a professional customer services team who will take care of you will the best services.

Much more excellent than traditional websites

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Design websites professionally


A perfect alternative for Wordpress

A perfect alternative for Wordpress

Manage content and more


You're not alone

We have a strong ecosystem for your business to be more effective.


Platform builder for effective enterprise social network

Digital Marketing

Complete strategic consulting and implementing Digital Marketing activites

Affiliate Marketing

Consulting and implementing affiliate marketing campaigns to grow sales.

Our Customers

We are proud to have served 500+ customers from all over the world.

There are several customers that have accompanied with us for 5-7 years.


A marketing-qualified platform for website and landing page builder


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Headquarter: 109 Street 5, Phuoc Binh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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