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Your demand is to

Introduce products

Introduce products

You have several products. Customers view the products and fill in a short order form, call, text by Zalo or Messenger, etc. to check out in the simplest way.
Online Sales

Online Sales

You have several products which are categorized specifically. When the products are displayed professionally, customers can order immediately on your website with convenience.
E-commerce & retail

E-commerce & retail

Your enterprise has daily products with several categories. You have several stores and want to manage store chains professionally.


To help you be more outstanding

Unlimited quantity

If you have 10.000 products or even more, the system is still able to meet your need.

Pricing updated with versions

If your products have different versions (eg. red, green, purple,...), you can add different prices for them.

Quick products set-up

You can set-up to live your products by Excel file or creating copies for each product.

Flexible product feature

A flexible product feature is a unique feature that you need when your products have several properties.

Create a properties list

You can flexibly create lists with 5 properties: Color, Size, Brand, Origin, Custom

Set a default property

Create a default property for all products that fall into any sub-category.

Add property for each product

Categorize products into different categories that you build, add more detailed properties for each products by your choice.

Stores and warehouse management

Manage retails and systems by technology

Online stores

Online stores are set default and updated with order information when there is a new order generated on the website.

Unlimited physical stores

You can add unlimited physical stores to integrate with the check-out at the counter function with the software which is provided by Eraweb for free to determine your monthly sales by each store.

Importing management

Manage warehouse importing with cost of good sold to determine the value of inventory and profit

Inventory management

Control inventory amount and value of the inventory at anytime. Warning alert of inventory short.

Marketing campaign management

Access and complete orders with millions of new consumers via interesting marketing campaigns and channels that are built for you.

Pop-up management

Create and manage pop-up to appear to the right segments and timeline to increase the conversion rate.

Flash Sale management

Create and manage flash sales campaigns for your customers to increase sales

Promotion management

Create and manage promotions for your segments of customers or prizes when the customers join mini games

Email Marketing

Proactively send emails or automatically send notifications on promotions, suggestions of products or any helpful information to your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Maintain Publisher network will help introduce products and sales but only pay once the products are sold.

Connected Delivery

Sync your orders with the most reliable delivery services

Sync orders with delivery services

Choices of delivery services by GHN, GHTK or other services as you wish

Save time of order preparation

The sync process is automatic and you will receive a notification to check and manage when the order has an update

Handle massive orders

Save much time for massive orders than manually create & deliver single orders.

Integrated payment method

E-commerce websites will be fully integrated with payment methods to help customers conveniently check out your products and services.


Payment can be made by domestic and international cards, QR codes and by POS machines at more than 15,000 points of payment with reliable sources nationally.


Pay anywhere at anytime with free charges via MoMo app which is popular and familiar with everyone.


Payment can be made internationally with Visa card, Mastercard, etc.

Strong visualized report

Visualize reports to help you quickly learn, compare, analyze and make essential decisions regarding the business.

Sales report

Report sales by time, products, product categories, industries, stores, areas, etc.

Product report

Report best-selling products, low-performed products, favorite products, potential products, etc.

Profit report

Base on the data of cost of good sold, fixed costs, etc. the system can provide performance report on profit.



There are 2 service packages that match your demand.



Capacity upto 5 GB
Capacity upto 5 GB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth
Standardized SEO by Lighthouse
Standardized SEO by Lighthouse
By PageSpeed
Free SSL
Upto 5 monitors

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Eraweb - The Marketing-qualified Website & Landing Page Builder Platform
Eraweb - The Marketing-qualified Website & Landing Page Builder Platform
Eraweb - The Marketing-qualified Website & Landing Page Builder Platform
Eraweb - The Marketing-qualified Website & Landing Page Builder Platform
Eraweb - The Marketing-qualified Website & Landing Page Builder Platform


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