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A complete solution to building websites for


You already have a product, service or campaign to execute marketing then this is a wonderful choice for you.
If you have products and customers who do not really need to order goods on websites then this is a wonderful choice for you.
Let's show customers your professionality, differentiation, and reliability from the very first sight when they see your website.
Do you need a brand website for your enterprise where customers and business partners love to access because of its attraction?

let's see what we have!

Increase conversion rate

  • Freely adjust layout, color, font,…
  • Freely change content, image
  • Freely create several displays for different resolutions.

Eraweb is the only platform that helps you proactively own your website.

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Easy to manage

  • Flexibly organize your content with Manage 3
  • Display content layout with modern designs
  • Easily set-up Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel

Smart and friendly URL

Eraweb is a rare platform for website design that supports smart URLs so you can avoid 404 errors while changing content set by Google or shared on social media.

The smart URL is super friendly and supportive for your website to be highly ranked on Google and other searching engines.

Help your brand to be outstanding and differentiated

Do you know that customers will search about your brand before deciding to buy your products or services? What if the customers find your website out-of-date or less attractive?

It's time to say goodbye to “rigid”⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠, slow and out-of-date websites with the previous decade technology…

to join Eraweb

Service packages


There are 3 service packages that match your demand




Technical specifications

Up to 2 GB
Standardized SEO
By Lighthouse
By PageSpeed
Free SSL
Up to 5 monitors


A marketing-qualified platform for website and landing page builder


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